New default Sandbox
Our new sandbox is here. You have been more and more to tweak around our sandbox to discover unisphere functionnalities. Therefore we revamped it to be even more intuitive. Now you can see the point of view of admins and students.
Browser mockup New layout sandbox
Features showcase
We finally found the ultimate solution to make you discover unisphere. We created beautiful gifs to showcase all unisphere functionnalities.
Gif showing how to manage classes
New website
We decided it is time to separate our sandbox from our presentation website. We believe our new website explains a lot better what we do and why you should give a try to unisphere. Also we love the design we found pretty cool libraries for the header: typed.js and particule.js!
Browser mockup d3.js
50 daily users
After one month unisphere alpha release reached 50 daily users. Thanks for all the feedbacks!
50 daily users
Our alpha release is live!
After month of developement our alpha release is finally live! Contact us to trial unisphere with your students.
unisphere logo
Implementation of the tree layout with d3.js
The first version of our tree layour is live. We used d3.js awesome library to get inspiration.
Beginning of unisphere developement
Official beginning of the developement of unisphere. unisphere is an online virtual learning environment that enables seamless file sharing between students and teachers.
unisphere background image